"Space Disco Warrior" reveals an inner persona that was created 15 years ago in art school at UCLA. Split into three parts, Space Disco Warrior is defined as being equally ethereal, hedonistic, and ready for battle.


     Thank you for visiting! I've spent my life being a multi-discplinary artist, and this site is my newest incarnation. I grew up in Southern California and focused on drawing and painting in high school, which then led to an undergraduate career in fine art at UCLA. I followed up my BA up with an MFA from UC Irvine, and spent several years learning about the creative industry through a marketing job that I held in Los Angeles.

     My artistic career has taken many turns. In graduate school, my painting led to sculpture, which in turn led to bespoke jewelry design. My enthusiasm for fitness has given me opportunities to gain experience as both a model and actor. Aside from being on set, I am currently spending my time creating more books for 2019 as well as writing and recording music in addition to designing "chain wear". 



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